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25 Celebrities Who Are Actually Disney Characters In Disguise

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There have been quite a few live action remakes of Disney films coming out over the past few years. It’s been awesome being able to see old favorites like The Jungle Book and The Beauty and the Beast get revisited. Wouldn’t it be cool to see live action versions of other Disney movies? Hopefully these will get their live action remake at some point in the future:

  • The Little Mermaid,
  • Aladdin,
  • Frozen.

Most people have strong opinions on who should play their favorite Disney characters. There are so many talented celebrities out there who could do an awesome job.

And then there are also some celebrities who happen to already look a lot like certain Disney characters. Some of the resemblances are so similar you could even say that they’re twins. Here are 28 celebrities that could totally be Disney characters in disguise.
1. Merida: The redhead heroine from Disney’s Brave is spunky and full of adventure. Who better to play her than Sophie Turner? She’s known for playing Lady Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones and definitely has the potential.

2. Aurora: Doesn’t Gabriella Wilde look just like Aurora from sleeping beauty? Her long blonde hair and the shape of her lips and eyebrows make her look very similar to the princess.

3. Captain Hook: Wouldn’t Russell Brand make a hilarious Captain Hook from Peter Pan? He already has the English accent and the perfect hair for the role. All he would need is a fake hook for a hand.

4. Cinderella: Although there have already been several Cinderella remakes over the years, there’s always room for one more. AnnaSophia Robb has the perfect shaped face and big round eyes to recreate Disney’s version.

5. Jasmine: Wouldn’t Iranian/American actress Necar Zadegan make a gorgeous Jasmine? She is known for her role as First Lady Dalia Hassan and if the rumors of a live action Aladdin are true, she would be an excellent candidate.

6. Elsa and Anna: The Olsen twins look an awful lot like the sisters from Frozen don’t they? Especially in this shot where their hair even matches. However, Anna and Elsa aren’t actually twins.

7. Pocahontas: Who better to play the Native American princess than actress Irene Bedard. She has the same full lips and lighter eyebrows as well as being a Native American herself. She has played several Native American characters including offering her voice for the animated version of Pocahontas.

8. Rapunzel: Amanda Seyfried’s bubbly personality, blonde wavy hair, and green eyes make her look a lot like this adventurous princess. They even have the same crooked smile! Amanda even has a pretty great singing voice making them even more similar.

9. Belle: If Emma Watson wasn’t already playing Belle, couldn’t you see Anne Hathaway doing a pretty good job as well? She’s already been in a French musical, and they have the same long brown hair.

10. Mulan: Doesn’t Chinese actress Fan Bingbing look just like Mulan? Especially when Mulan is dolled up, they share they same winged eyeliner and red lip. Fan is an actress and a pop singer and if she knows Kung fu, she could be Mulan’s twin.

11. Prince Eric: Matt Bomber would make a great Prince Eric in a live action The Little Mermaid. He has the perfect sharp jaw and thick brows to pull off the heroic Prince.

12. Prince Adam: Better known as The Beast, this Prince is actually pretty handsome when he changes back into a human at the end. A young Sebastian Bach would have been the perfect fit to play him in a live action film. His long tousled hair and sharp features make them look very similar.

13. The Queen: As well as being fiercely evil, the Queen from Snow White was also fiercely gorgeous. The resemblance here between the Queen and Megan Fox is pretty uncanny from the sharp eyebrows, purple eye shadow, and red lipstick. They even share the same green eyes and intense expression.

14. The Fairy Godmother: Betty White would make the perfect sassy grandmother figure as the fairy godmother in Cinderella. She has the same fluffy white hair and loud personality.

15. Tinkerbell: Michelle Williams totally looks like Tinkerbell with her short blonde hair and pixie-like face.

16. The King: For obvious reasons, Wilford Brimley totally looks like the King from Disney’s Cinderella. From the balding head to the shape of the mustache, all he would need is some bushier eyebrows. He would also make a pretty good Maurice from Beauty and the Beast.

17. Hans: Sam Claffin looks just like the creepy villain from Frozen with his reddish tousled hair and broad chin. Hopefully he isn’t secretly evil like Hans turned out to be!

18. Snow White: Although there has already been a Snow White remake starring Kristen Stewart, it was definitely quite a bit different from Disney’s classic tale. Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale would make a great Snow White with her dark hair and round face.

19. Ariel: Although she’s a bit older than the 16-year-old mermaid, Isla Fisher sure looks a lot like her! From her bright red hair, lip shape, and wide smile, she could totally be the woman Ariel grew up to be.

20. Phil: Before you think this is being mean, you have to remember that Disney often designs characters faces to look like the stars who voice them! Picture Dory from Finding Nemo–you can definitely see a bit of Ellen there–and Danny Devito totally shares qualities with his Hercules character Phil.

21. The Prince: Tell me you don’t see the resemblance between the handsome Prince from Cinderella and Zac Efron. Especially in this shot where he appears to be just as bored as the Prince.

22. Prince Naveen: Former One Direction member Zayn Malik kind of looks like Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog doesn’t he? His brown eyes and thick hair totally resemble the poor dude who got turned into a frog.

23. Flynn Rider: Colin O’Donoghue’s signature eyebrow raise makes him look like he is constantly doing the ‘Flynn Rider Smoulder.’ Couldn’t you see him alongside Amanda Seyfried as her Flynn/Eugene?

24. Scar: Doesn’t Gary Oldman kind of remind you of Scar? His serious yet smirking face totally resembles that of the lion villain’s and the British accent even makes him sound a bit like him.

25. Megera: Emma Stone would make a pretty good Megera in a live action Hercules. She’s got the same small chin, plump cheeks, and sharp eyebrows as the devious henchman turned heroine.