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Remember Kim? See What Eminem’s Ex-Wife Looks Like Now!

Where’s Kim?

One of the most polarizing relationships in hip hop was between Eminem and Kim Mathers. Early on in Eminem’s career, he vividly painted a morbid picture of his relationship with Kim. His candor was limitless: he hated his wife. He oftentimes rapped about wanting to kill his wife. Even though they had a messy relationship and faced innumerable hindrances, together, they were able to climb over them.

The couple remarried in 2006

Source: Instagram @amieminem

The childhood couple watched their relationship go down the drain in 2002. In 2006, they elected to give their love another go, with Em’ serving as the catalyst to restart the relationship. Despite not being ready to fully commit to a second marriage, Kim placed her trust in Eminem and tried again for the sake of their family.

Things Spiraled out of Control

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Several months after the got remarried, trouble came about. Eminem got in a heated argument with his wife, that ultimately caused him to not communicate with her for over a month. Then, in April 2006, Em filed for divorce. Then, the two tried to reconcile.

Both Overcame Tragedy

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

For years, the embattled rapper had a vicious drug addiction. In hopes of crushing his insomnia, Em began heavily relying on valium, ambien and methadone. It got to the point drugs crippled Eminem and nearly took away his life.

In 2008, he got clean and lost a ton of weight to return back to pure form. As for his wife, she lost her twin sister to a drug overdose. Because of that, Kim tried to commit suicide when she intentionally crashed her car. Fortunately, she made it out alive.

Today, everything is alright

Kim currently lives in Detroit and is raising her daughter Whitney, while Hailie is an undergrad at Michigan State and Amanda is studying at Oakland. We’re glad to see that Em and his wife are still in good form and that everything is solid.