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She Got Asked For Nudes, What She Does Next Is Legendary

We have all been in a situation where a conversation with a guy can turn completely weird and awkward after he eventually asks for nudes. Well, a girl recently found herself in the same situation and came up with a brilliant response for him. I seriously think this should be inscribed in history books.

Par, from New Zealand, came up with a genius idea where a guy was asking for pictures of her “without unnecessary clothing on”. He probably thought that he was being smooth but for obvious reasons, Par wasn’t feeling it. Instead of a risky picture, she sent him something incredibly funny that left him scratching his head.

The girl shared a screenshot of the conversation on Twitter, by adding “I’ve been sending him a picture of the loading sign and he still hasn’t realized lmao”. Hours later, he asked her if she had Kik. I mean who uses Kik nowadays? Below you can follow up the situation and keep it in mind in your following book the next time someone like him comes your way.



Hang on…


Still loading…


Wait for it…


Maybe you should.



A girl also commented on the situation:


Great idea.


Of course because it’s legendary.


Downloading the loading image now.