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Waitress Receives Backlash After Facebook Rant Over Low Tip Goes Viral.

This facebook post by a waitress has become a trending topic all over the internet.

After working one night, Brittany,a single mother of 2, took to facebook to air out her frustrations from one low tipper. This is what she had to say,

“I don’t normally post this kind of stuff on social media but I’m so mad right now I could throat punch somebody. I’m a single mom of 2 beautiful kids…I work my butt off for the money I make as a server. No…this isn’t my “dream job” but it’s my “suck up your pride and do what you gotta do until your daughter starts school” job…my “work nights because I can’t afford daycare” job. I chose this job so I could spend my days with my daughter and not pay someone else to be there for all her important milestones in the first 5 years of her life. With that being said…y’all.. it’s not ok to tip your server $5 on $105 ticket. Especially when your food was delivered promptly..and you never had to ask for refills. It’s not ok! Ever. We make $2.63 an hour and tip out 3% of our total sales at the end of the night to bus boys, hostesses, and to-go. Please consider that the next time your tipping your server. *end rant*”

As you can tell Brittney believes she was under tipped. As you can see on a picture of the bill below, the customer only tipped 5 per cent,well below the minimum 15 per cent customer.

The post has become a topic of discussion after spreading around the internet,and the response is pretty split. Some have showed support for Brittney and agreed the tip was way too low.

And then there were those who were less empathetic and more critical of Brittney’s life decisions.

The topic on tipping will always be a heated one. Some flat out believe that tipping is completely optional and that any tip should be received with gratitude. On the other hand here are those who believe that tipping is mandatory. Especially considering how low service workers are paid.

Let us know what side are you on. Does she have a right to be upset? Or should she just be grateful and move on?