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Man Thought Vaping Was Harmless Until His Pen Exploded In His Mouth

When my gran started smoking way back in the ’50s, she never thought that it would harm her health in any way. Years later, the dangers of cigarettes became widely known, and generations of smokers had to consider whether or not continuing their nicotine habit outweighed the risks.

These days, we are more than aware of the dangers of smoking, but vaping is thought to be relatively harmless. In fact, millions of people have been able to stop smoking cigarettes thanks to vape pens. However, as was the case with cigarettes, its dangers are slowly coming to the fore.

Research has now proven that vaping is dangerous, with one expert stating that, ”While vaping is not as physically damaging as smoking, the oils can sometimes contain formaldehyde or heavy metals, which are not good for developing lungs and could contribute to respiratory conditions.”

Vaping pens are battery operated, and it’s no secret that battery operated devices can be volatile – especially when they’re produced on a mass scale on the cheap.

What happened to Idaho-native Andrew Hall is a stark warning about the dangers of this seemingly harmless pursuit. One morning before work in January 2017, whilst vaping, his pen EXPLODED in his mouth…

The explosion that Andrew’s vape pen caused was shocking. He was not only severely injured in the process, but his bathroom suffered considerable damage. An entire section of his ceramic sink was blown apart, demonstrating just how powerful the explosion was.

However, it was not just the sink that was damaged. The fire from the explosion damaged the walls of his bathroom. Looking at this picture, you would be forgiven for thinking that a fire had occurred and not a vape explosion. Sadly, vape pens are often cheaply made, and explosions can happen with poorly made battery operated devices.

Andrew was immediately rushed to intensive care after the explosion took place, but given the force of the explosion, he was lucky to have survived it at all.

Dai Nguyen, a consultant at the hospital where Andrew was treated, said that the damage was similar to that which would happen if a person was shot in the face.

”I’ve been vaping for about a year now and assure you I did not do anything I wasn’t supposed to – but it exploded in my face,” Andrew said. ”I’ve lost at least 7 teeth, [suffered] second degree burns to face and neck and have been pulling chunks of plastic, teeth and foreign objects from mouth, throat and lips.”

”I was lucky,” Andrew continued. ”I know vapes help people quit smoking cigarettes and that’s amazing. I just want to bring to light this is possible that they can explode without warning. I would have said ‘no way that’s possible’ until now.”

Horrifyingly, what happened to Andrew was not an isolated incident and, as vaping continues to grow in popularity, incidents like these are likely to become more frequent. So if you currently vape or are considering using it as a way to stop smoking, maybe you should consider quitting cold turkey.

We wish Andrew all the best in his continued recovery from this incident.

From: viralthread