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Wife Gives Birth To 6th Baby, Dad Starts Screaming When He Finds Out The Gender

It is not so common for parents to wait to find the gender of their unborn baby after the birth, as it is usually done in surprise gender parties. And for some people, it is a real surprise, especially if you have four daughters in a row, and you discover a boy is coming along. These parents, however, decided for the father to be surprised and not know the gender until the very delivery day. You may think these parents will be happy with anything that comes out, but imagine being a parent of five girls and not knowing the gender of this next one. What a thrill! Or disappointment? This dad’s hilarious reaction was recorded in a hilarious, but emotional video and it will definitely take you by surprise.


Watching this dad while he’s waiting to hear the baby news is almost like watching a horror movie. Before you know it, a loud noise scares you when you least expect it! Kennedy Zarour, form New Jersey, is the anticipating dad-to-be, and he just can’t sit calmly in the delivery room. After repeatedly yelling “Oh my God!” the doctor told him to sit down and not scare everyone else in the room.


The father explained his feelings when his wife gave birth: “It wasn’t a case of being excited; we were both stunned.”

Even though the doctor found the dad’s enthusiasm hilarious, he just couldn’t contain his excitement.


He kept complimenting and congratulating his wife, too.


Actually, he just learned that his wife gave birth to a boy, after five girls! His reaction is simply adorable!

When a nurse asks if he wants to know the gender of his new baby, Mr Zarour just thinks it’s another girl. However, the nurse confirms it’s a boy.

Watch the whole video below: