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Eminem Kills SNL Performance With Greatest Hits Medley

Eminem Kills SNL Performance With Greatest Hits Medley PA 1 2PA
Guess who’s back, back again. Shady’s back, tell a friend.

Now everyone report to the dance floor as Eminem is once again setting the world of music on fire.

The rap god pulled off an incredible performance on last night’s Saturday Night Liveknocking it out of the park with a medley of his greatest hits.

You can watch Eminem’s full Saturday Night Live performance here:

Accompanied by singer Skylar Grey, Eminem performed his new single Walk On Waterfollowed by his classic hits Stan and Love The Way You Lie.

Grey, Eminem’s longtime collaborator, sang the parts normally performed by Beyonce, Dido and Rihanna as the crowd went wild for the Detroit rapper.

Centre of the stage accompanied by just a microphone stand, Eminem stepped into the spotlight on his seventh performance on the popular American television show.
Eminem Kills SNL Performance With Greatest Hits Medley EM 2 1NBC
Accompanied by Grey on piano and an orchestra, Eminem stripped things down keeping them simple which made his verses and words hit the audience even harder.

Known for the emotional messages in his songs, his performance last night felt incredibly poignant and so it is no wonder that fans in the audience were going crazy.

Since early October Eminem and his manager Paul Rosenberg have been teasing us with hints that the famous rapper is about to drop a new album.

Slim Shady took to Instagram to post a cryptic picture which says:

‘Walk On Water’. Take as needed.

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Fans immediately started speculating about what this could possibly mean and soon enough Eminem revealed that Walk on Water is his latest single, featuring Beyonce, posting on Instagram that he was back.

His new album, which is thought to be called Revival, has been promoted through a series of fake pharmaceutical adverts.

The rather strange looking medication advert features the sort of cheesy, stock photo of a smiling woman typical of such marketing, with the tagline ‘seize the moment with Revival’.
Eminem Kills SNL Performance With Greatest Hits Medley %nameInterscope
While it may not look like much, it should be worth pointing out the ‘E’ in ‘Revival’ is shown backwards – a signature trait in Eminem’s logo.

Also, on the website, AskAboutRevival.com, it states:

One of the symptoms you should watch for after starting Revival is brain damage.

Brain Damage is a song title from the Slim Shady LP.

As well as this, towards the bottom of the website, there’s a disclaimer which reads:

Revival does not cause these side effects, but if you have them you should for sure seek medical attention, ‘I need a doctor’.

This is clearly a reference to longtime collaborator, Dr. Dre, and the single title from the former-NWA founder’s now-defunct Detox album.

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It was rumoured that the album would drop last Friday, November 17, but with no sign of it yet, you better watch this space.

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