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OJ Simpson Confesses To Murdering His Ex Wife And Her Lover

OJ Simpson Confesses To Murdering His Ex Wife And Her Lover oj2AP
At the time the OJ Simpson murder case was billed as ‘the trial of the century’ and the findings by the court and its controversial outcome has gone down in infamy.

When a public jury deemed the former-NFL legend turned-actor ‘not guilty after his lawyer Johnny Cochran uttered the phrase ‘if the glove doesn’t fit you must acquit’ it split the United States in a divisive way.

Simpson, as well as his supporters, maintained his innocence, while his detractors (there are many of them out there and are very vocal about it) still believe he’s guilty of the murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her alleged lover Ron Goldman.
OJ Simpson Confesses To Murdering His Ex Wife And Her Lover oj4AP
23 years after the controversial verdict, an alleged confession made by the Naked Weaponstar to his book publisher has surfaced. According to Judith Regan, who published his book If I Did It, OJ’s lawyers had called her up and admitted to her that he was responsible for the murders of Brown and Goldman.

The revelation comes on the heels of an upcoming special, OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession?, which examines the 1995 trial airing this Sunday (March 11).

In a preview, an out-take of the show obtained by TMZ, Regan reveals that he pretty much admitted to killing his two victims and that he wanted to make sure the title of his book had the word ‘If’ to protect his children from ‘the truth’ and to give him deniability.

The Fox special also includes an interview between Regan and Simpson from 2006, footage which the network says was ‘lost’. In the interview, he offers a hypothetical explanation as to why he may have gone to Nicole’s house and her various insecurities. When the subject of her murder came up he apparently became ‘terse’ and refused to answer certain questions.

However, after some persistent questions, Simpson revealed that he took a knife from someone only known as ‘Charlie’, to confront a man who was outside Nicole Brown Simpson’s home.

In 2016 his former manager Norman Pardo made claims that he knows who committed the murders of Brown and Goldman. In an interview on American radio show KNX 1070 Newsradio, Pardo said he knows who did it but added he couldn’t disclose the killer’s identity.

Pardo claimed the reason he and OJ didn’t reveal their thoughts at the time was because the authorities confiscated evidence:

They took all my stuff regarding the incidents. They raided my office and took it all.

OJ Simpson Confesses To Murdering His Ex Wife And Her Lover oj1AP
The murder case has recently been thrown back into the spotlight with TV series American Crime Story: The People Versus OJ Simpson – starring Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Jr as OJ – currently airing on both sides of the Atlantic.

The series is exploring how OJ’s ‘dream team’ of defence attorneys were able to concentrate on the racial aspects of OJ’s arrest.